RIVELO – Rete Innovativa Veneta per la Logistica

Regional Innovative Cluster

RIVELO – Rete Innovativa Veneta per la Logistica

Veneto Innovative Cluster for Logistics

The cluster aims to collect Veneto operators in the logistics supply chain and promotes the monitoring of international standards concerning transport and logistics system technologies. In particular, RIVELO intends to represent the existing logistics situation and highlight critical aspects, acquire kills, disseminate innovations, and indicate development channels. The use of 4.0 technologies in logistics and the supply chain will produce a connection along the entire value chain, creating a link between previous phases, such as the supply of raw materials and the transformation or processing of products and the phases following distribution and sale, i.e. consumption and after-sales services.

Consorzio RIVELO
Piazza Cittadella, 12
37122 Verona

Tel. 045 8099472
PEC: consorziorivelo@pec-neispa.com
E-mail: info@ri-velo.it