Online Innovation for place-based transformations

The Joint Research Centre, in cooperation with the European Committee of the Regions, has published the new “Innovation for place-based transformations. ACTIONbook, practices and tools“.

This publication stems from the desire to exchange good practices on transformative innovation, share challenges and enabling factors and learn from and with European regions – in the true spirit of the “Partnership for Regional Innovation”, an initiative of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, in which the Veneto Region also participated.

Innovation for place-based transformations. ACTIONbook, practices and tools’ consists of three parts:

1. The ACTIONbook to build partnerships for fair green and digital transitions

2. The Collection of practices, with living examples of transformative innovation coming from you

3. Tools for ACTION, containing 74 tools (from T00 to T73), is an updated version of the toolbox in the PRI Playbook.

The publication is available as a complete version, containing the three files together, with hyperlinks linking the activities of the ACTIONbook to the practices and tools or in individual parts.

The complete document (10.87 MB):