Progetto MONITORIS 3

Il progetto intende affrontare il problema del monitoraggio della RIS3 attraverso la condivisione di piani e pratiche che permettano di capire l’efficacia delle azioni di implementazione di ciascuna strategia di specializzazione intelligente.

Budget totale di progetto 1.483.474,00 euro (di cui 1.260.953,00 euro di contributo FESR).


Regional Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) developed during last years, as ex-ante conditionality for implementing Structural Funds, are facing a challenge on monitoring: how to adopt one structured and evidence databased approach leading to the definition of a set of indicators for monitoring/evaluating S3? and how to select indicators using methodological criteria?

MONITORIS3 is innovative because will address this challenge systematically by the first time in Europe with a cross-border approach. thus, the project´s main goal is to facilitate the improvement of S3 related structural funds policies delivery (9 policy instruments) through promotion of exchange of experiences and policy learning on monitoring strategies of such instruments among a consortium of regionally relevant actors on S3.​