The Footwear System of the Brenta Riviera

Industrial District

The Footwear System of the Brenta Riviera

The companies specialise in designing and producing fine luxury women's shoes and collaborate with leading luxury brands.

The district focuses on

• In Research and Innovation, with initiatives to innovate the product through the study of the foot, materials and components, and to improve processes through the introduction of CAD and prototyping technologies, the development of automatic systems for certain production phases, the customisation of management systems, and the creation of web platforms for the promotion and marketing of products;

• In Human Capital, with initiatives to promote new entrepreneurship and support the transfer of skills;

• In internationalisation, by launching actions to preside over international markets, promote the creation of a 'Made in Venice' brand, and support promotion abroad and in Italy.

Politecnico Calzaturiero Scarl

Via Venezia n. 62
35010 Capriccio di Vigonza


Tel. +39 049/980.27.99 (Training course office)
Tel. +39 049/980.11.11 (Administrative department)

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